Stillpoint School
About Stillpoint

Stillpoint School is San Juan Island's only state-approved K-6 independent school.

Stillpoint School is a nonprofit elementary school which welcomes students in Kindergarten
through 6th  grade. We offer students a strong academic program focusing on cultural
literacy, mathematics, language arts, science, the arts, and cultural diversity. Our
curriculum is taught with the newest research-based methods in education,
and focuses on current brain-friendly practices.

At Stillpoint School, active learning comes to life!

Along with our challenging and personalized academic program, we model and teach
effective problem solving skills, peaceful interactions, and learner-centered awareness. We
cultivate a strong community atmosphere and emphasize small class sizes with one-on-one
interaction to ensure that every student reaches his or her full potential as a learner and as
a valuable member of our community.

Meet Our Teachers!
Mrs. D and Mrs. K

We are native islanders: born, raised, and educated on San Juan Island! We are identical
twins who married identical twins, and love teaching together at Stillpoint School.

We are both fully certificated elementary school teachers, with Master’s Degrees and
specific training in Love and Logic, brain research, multiple intelligences, and authentic
assessment practices. We have been teaching and working with children for more than 15
years. Our family has a rich educational background. Nearly everyone in our family is a
teacher or has taught, and we are proud to be carrying on our family tradition!

We are thrilled to be living on San Juan Island with our wonderful husbands,
Mr. D and Mr. J, and our incredible children!

We are also excited about giving back to our community.  Stillpoint School is a wonderful
place for children and teachers alike, and we are passionate about the rich educational
opportunities our school offers. We feel education should be the still point of the turning
world, for “Except for the point, the still point, there would be no dance,
and there is only the dance.”
(T. S. Eliot, "The Four Quartets," Burnt Norton.)

Welcome to Stillpoint School!