Stillpoint School
             Main Curriculum Highlights:

* Our strong, challenging academic program is individualized for each student
* Students are taught in both mixed age groups and in specific learning levels
* All curriculum is taught with the newest
brain-friendly teaching practices
     to ensure successful learning experiences for every student
Arts, drama, science, and cultural themes are integrated within the curriculum
* Skill-based instruction is combined with
hands-on experiences
* High standards are emphasized in every aspect of our program
Small class sizes are emphasized for individualized success

            Content Areas and Programs

* Mathematics: We use a world-leading Math program which focus on the critical Math
skills determined by the newest recommendations of the National Council of Teachers
of Mathematics (NCTM) for content standards and best teaching practices.

Language Arts: Literacy, grammar, and syntax are taught in a comprehensive,
hands-on method which encourages fluency, confidence, and mastery of our language.

Writing: Our writing program allows students to create and explore many forms of
writing,including creative stories, poetry, narrative pieces, expository writing,
limericks, essays, and other specific forms and styles of writing.

Problem Solving: We have a strong Problem Solving curriculum which teaches and
develops creativity, uses hands-on building and creating skills, promotes "thinking
outside the box," and encourages hands-on solutions to challenging situations.

Social Studies: Our strong social studies curriculum explores geography,
government, and history, including the history of San Juan Island, Washington state,
and the world.

Science: Our program combines explorations of the world around us with scientific
facts and discoveries. We study all forms of science, from Earth sciences and physical
science to oceanography and outer space.

* Foreign Language: French is our chosen language of study. Students are introduced
to French words and phrases, as well as to the French culture and country. Native
French speakers volunteer in our school to support and enhance our study of the
French language.

Art: Stillpoint students create developmentally appropriate art pieces in our rich art
program. Art forms, artists, and styles are studied as students learn to speak the
"language of art."

Drama and Theater: We provide an enriching drama program to support our
students' creative development, self-confidence, and natural self-expression. Students
are encouraged to participate in plays, Reader's Theater, puppet theaters, skits, and
other forms of drama.

Foreign Cultures: Our foreign cultures program highlights many different cultures of
the world and focuses on each culture's language, world location, history, cultural
traditions, foods, and other important aspects of daily life. This cultivates the
appreciation of diversity.

Physical Education: We have an excellent P.E. program which emphasizes
cooperation, active participation, the development of gross and fine motor skills, and
lifelong fitness.

Social Skills: We teach and model positive problem-solving strategies, cooperative
interactions, strategies for working together as a team, and kindness at all times.  

     Stillpoint students are very well prepared
       academically, socially, and emotionally
                     for lifelong success!