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Donation Information

Donations and Fundraising Information

We are actively seeking donors to contribute to the
Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund.
For more information, please visit
the Sally W. Bryan page.

There are many ways to support Stillpoint School's students and our excellent academic program.
Below, we have listed the top most successful methods of
grassroots fundraising support:

AmazonSmile purchases
2. Box Tops for Education

. Kings Market Receipts

Information about each program is listed below.

NEW! We have joined AmazonSmile. Amazon will support our students and school when you purchase
through AmazonSmile. Please use the link below to support our students. Thank you!

Box Tops
for Education

Stillpoint School receives funds for every BoxTop collected (10 cents per BoxTop).
If you have family members or friends who collect BoxTops,
please clip and collect them, and send the BoxTops to school!
The money we receive is used in a variety of ways to enrich our academic program.

For a list of products that contain Box Tops, please visit:  

King's Market, King's Variety, and King's Marine
We receive 1% cash back on receipts from King's stores on San Juan Island!

Thank You for helping support Excellence in Education at
Stillpoint School!
Stillpoint School