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Memories From Our Spectacular School Years:

Congratulations, Class of 2017!
We are so proud of all your accomplishments!

We wish you all the best and we're very excited for the bright futures
ahead of you.

Congratulations, John, for winning the Scholastic Create-a-Holiday
Contest! John's holiday is Dinosaur Day,
which is celebrated every May at Stillpoint School.

* Photo Credits: The incredible Dylan and AnnaMaria from the
Burke Museum! *


We enjoy wonderful, sunny maypole dances as part of our
annual Stillpoint School May Day celebrations!


Awesome Arbor Days!

We love to celebrate with our annual Stillpoint tradition:
planting native trees on our playground!


Thank You, SJI Daughters of the American Revolution!
Congratulations to 6th Graders Jersie and Danica,
who received Certificates from the DAR
for participating in the American Revolution Essay Contest!

Stillpoint School Wins
"Most Dramatic Display"
in the Chamber of Commerce's Winter Decorating Contest!


Stillpoint School "Shakes Out!"

We proudly participate in the world's largest earthquake preparation drill every October.

State Approval Renewed!!

Stillpoint School is pleased to announce that we have received Washington State approval to
enroll students from kindergarten through sixth grade for the 2017-2018 school year.  
Stillpoint School is the only State approved private elementary school on San Juan Island,
and has been so for the past 11 years.

To receive State approval, a school must meet state standards concerning curriculum,
teacher certification, health and safety conditions, and other requirements to demonstrate
our ability to provide a quality education for our students.   Applications for State approval
are reviewed by the Washington State Board of Education, which has issued Stillpoint
School a Certificate of Private School Approval for "having met all the conditions specified"
in State law for private schools.

Students who are not home schooled are required by State law to be enrolled in a public
school or a State approved private school. For more information about a Stillpoint education,
please call the school at 360-378-2331 (during the summer months, when the school is not in
session, messages are checked regularly) or email

Stillpoint School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school.  Donations to the school or to the
Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductible.

Stillpoint School is very proud to be the island's only state approved private K-6 school.
We are proudly listed on the following websites and publications:

Education Bug

OSPI Approved Private Schools
Stillpoint School
Stillpoint News!
                  Stillpoint News!

                                                                                                                September 21, 2018
Dear Families,                                                
We had a fantastic week with many learning highlights.  A special event was our beautiful
September Picture Day– thank you so much to our fabulous photographer, April!

First Grad Birthday!
On Monday we celebrated our first Grad birthday! Over the weekend, Melinda turned 12.
We celebrated with our Grad decorations, a wonderful birthday book we all made for her,
and a special treat. Happy birthday, Melinda!
Meet the Masters
We introduced Meet the Masters this week, an award-winning Art program which combines
art history and art techniques with activities for all student levels. We began with three
leveled slide shows introducing our first artist, Claude Monet. After learning about his
artwork and his influence on Impressionism, we made color wheels and practiced using
warm and cool colors. We plan to continue to extend our learning by creating a piece of
artwork in the style of Monet, using the special techniques we learned.  

Marvelous Math
We had terrific milestone moments in Math this week! For enrichment activities, primary
students worked with unifix and linking cubes to create patterns, while intermediate
students learned exciting fact-practice games, including Digit Detectives, Guess My Rule,
and Race to 1,000.
Dazzling D.E.A.R.
We completed independent reading, letter, and sound assessments this week and used the
information to begin our Fluency Program. Students read leveled passages or mini-books
each week to build fluency and increase expression and pacing. We are also enjoying
September CD books!

Readers Theater Practices & Performances
Excitement for our Readers Theater plays was so high that we devoted two morning
sessions to practice and dress rehearsals this week in preparation for performances this
Thursday! We enjoyed wonderful plays with handmade props and terrific teamwork. Our
audience members were also fantastic as they supported and applauded each play.  
Weekly Highlights
In Music we explored instruments through rotating stations and began planning for our
first-ever Stillpoint band! Our P.E. manipulative was comet balls, which provided lots of
opportunities for precision teamwork. On Tuesday we launched this year’s long-term
theme study, S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math), and on
Thursday we led our first American Sign Language block!
Home Connection: Volunteer Information and Top Secret Time Capsule Cards
We love volunteers! We are sending home our current volunteer opportunities with this
newsletter. If you are able to volunteer this year, please complete the form and return it to
school so we can schedule you in! We are also sending home a Top Secret assignment to
complete our September Time Capsules. Please enjoy your special assignment! ☺
Dates to Remember                         
Friday, September 28: Our special Stillpoint Fall Great
                              Islands Clean Up Walk; free sharing

We hope everyone has a super start to Autumn this weekend!

Mrs. D and Mrs. K