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Memories From Our Spectacular School Years:

Congratulations, Class of 2017!
We are so proud of all your accomplishments!

Congratulations, Class of 2018!
We are so proud of you, Ellie and Taluah!

Congratulations, John, for winning the
National Scholastic Create-a-Holiday Contest!
John's holiday is Dinosaur Day,
which is celebrated every May
at Stillpoint School.

* Photo Credits: The incredible Dylan and AnnaMaria from the
Burke Museum! *


We enjoy wonderful, sunny maypole dances as part of our
annual Stillpoint School May Day celebrations!


Awesome Arbor Days!

We love to celebrate with our annual Stillpoint tradition:
planting native trees on our playground!


Thank You, SJI Daughters of the American Revolution!
Congratulations to 6th Graders Jersie and Danica,
who received Certificates from the DAR
for participating in the American Revolution Essay Contest!

Stillpoint School Wins
"Most Dramatic Display"
in the Chamber of Commerce's Winter Decorating Contest!


Stillpoint School "Shakes Out!"

We proudly participate in the world's largest earthquake preparation drill every October.

State Approval Renewed!!

Stillpoint School is pleased to announce that we have received Washington State approval to
enroll students from kindergarten through sixth grade for the 2018-2019 school year.  
Stillpoint School is the only State approved private elementary school on San Juan Island,
and has been so for the past 12 years.

To receive State approval, a school must meet state standards concerning curriculum,
teacher certification, health and safety conditions, and other requirements to demonstrate
our ability to provide a quality education for our students.   Applications for State approval
are reviewed by the Washington State Board of Education, which has issued Stillpoint
School a Certificate of Private School Approval for "having met all the conditions specified"
in State law for private schools.

Students who are not home schooled are required by State law to be enrolled in a public
school or a State approved private school. For more information about a Stillpoint education,
please call the school at 360-378-2331 (during the summer months, when the school is not in
session, messages are checked regularly) or email

Stillpoint School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school.  Donations to the school or to the
Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductible.

Stillpoint School is very proud to be the island's only state approved private K-6 school.
We are proudly listed on the following websites and publications:

Education Bug

OSPI Approved Private Schools
Stillpoint School
Stillpoint News!
                     Stillpoint News!
                                                                                                             March 8, 2019
Dear Families,                                                
We had an action-packed week! Hugs and love to the members of our school community
who are recovering from illnesses. We’re hoping for healthier weeks ahead!

Art Volunteer         
On Tuesday April brought a beloved art project tradition: bubble art! We used special
homemade bubble wands, a variety of different sizes and textures of paper, and colorful
bubble solutions to create beautiful works of art together. We loved the process and the
result. Thank you, April!       

Happy Grad Birthday!
On Thursday we celebrated our second spectacular Grad birthday this year! We made
Nylah a dazzling affirmation-filled book for her12th birthday, enjoyed our special Grad
decorations, and devoured her amazing birthday treat. It was a terrific birthday day.
Happy Grad Birthday, Nylah!

Spring Showcase Sign-Up Forms
We are sending home a sign-up sheet to help us plan for the approximate number of guests
who will be able to attend our Spring Showcase. Please complete and return your form by
next Friday, March 15. Thank you!

STEAM & March Scholastic Book Orders
We are sending home March and STEAM book order flyers with this newsletter! Book
orders are due on or before next Friday, March 15. Book orders may be placed online or
sent to school with payment to Scholastic. Thank you!

Writing the Future        
This week we participated in a K-6 Scholastic opportunity called Writing the Future.

The writing project focused on innovation, community, and creativity by asking students
to identify a problem and design an innovative solution. Our solutions included detailed
diagrams and drawings with terrific explanations to make our community a better place!

Starry Night Art

We used our new knowledge of textures in artwork to create stunning artwork inspired by
the painting The Starry Night. After studying Vincent van Gogh’s vivid brush strokes, we
used oil pastels on black background paper to create our own inspired starry scenes,
complete with trees, fields, village homes, and gorgeous star-filled night skies.

Marvelous March Goals
This week each student chose to pick a new goal for March or to extend February’s goal
choice. Our academic March goals include our culminating 6th grade Collection of
Favorites project, learning Egyptian hieroglyphs, studying Greek mythology, completing
animal and dragon reports, using new manipulatives to learn sight words, and practicing
Math concepts through hands-on games!

Home Connection: Daylight Saving Time Begins
Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. Please remember to set your clocks ahead one
hour over the weekend so students will be on time for school on Monday! Please also plan
ahead for the hour change with extra sleep, as the time change alters schedules and
Dates to Remember                                 
Friday, March 15: Spring Showcase sign-up sheets due;
                          Scholastic book orders due         
Friday, March 22: ❀ Spring Showcase! ❀  Half-day ending
                       at 11am; Spring Showcase begins at 11am
We hope our families have a healthy, rest-filled weekend!
Mrs. D and Mrs. K