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Memories From Our Spectacular School Years:

Congratulations to our amazing 2014 Graduates:
Danica Islam, Jersie Angel, and Caeden O'Prussack!
We wish you all the best, and we're very proud of you. ❤


Congratulations to John for winning the
National Scholastic Create-A-Holiday Contest!
Thank you to the Burke Museum and Felicitations
for making Dinosaur Day an amazing success!

* Photo Credits: The incredible Dylan and AnnaMaria from the
Burke Museum! *


We enjoy wonderful, sunny maypole dances as part of our
annual Stillpoint School May Day celebrations!

Awesome Arbor Days!!

We love to celebrate with our annual Stillpoint tradition:
planting native trees on our playground!


Thank You, SJI Daughters of the American Revolution!
Congratulations to 6th Graders Jersie and Danica,
who received Certificates from the DAR
for participating in the American Revolution Essay Contest!


Stillpoint School Wins
"Most Dramatic Display"
in the Chamber of Commerce's Winter Decorating Contest!


Stillpoint School "Shakes Out!"

We proudly participate in the world's largest earthquake preparation drill every October.

State Approval Renewed!!!

Stillpoint School is pleased to announce that we have received Washington State approval to
enroll students from kindergarten through sixth grade for the 2016-2017 school year.  
Stillpoint School is the only State approved private elementary school on San Juan Island,
and has been so for the past nine years.

To receive State approval, a school must meet state standards concerning curriculum,
teacher certification, health and safety conditions, and other requirements to demonstrate
our ability to provide a quality education for our students.   Applications for State approval
are reviewed by the Washington State Board of Education, which has issued Stillpoint
School a Certificate of Private School Approval for "having met all the conditions specified"
in State law for private schools.

Students who are not home schooled are required by State law to be enrolled in a public
school or a State approved private school. For more information about a Stillpoint education,
please call the school at 360-378-2331 (during the summer months, when the school is not in
session, messages are checked regularly) or email

Stillpoint School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school.  Donations to the school or to the
Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductible.

Stillpoint School is very proud to be the island's only state approved private K-6 school.
We are proudly listed on the following websites and publications:

Education Bug

OSPI Approved Private Schools
Stillpoint School
Stillpoint News!
            Stillpoint Newsletter!   
                                                                                                                 April 28, 2017
Dear Families,          

Happy Arbor Day! We had a fantastic week with exciting events. We are all enjoying
the gorgeous signs of Spring!

Hands-On Arbor Day
Today we combined our French session with a special Arbor Day activity. We
planted tiny pine tree seedlings surrounded by flower seeds in pots to celebrate
Arbor Day. We practiced French terms with our fabulous Madame L.!

Happy Back-to-Back Birthdays!
Scott and Tiffany both celebrated their 7th birthdays at school this week! Scott
celebrated his birthday a day early on Thursday, and Tiffany’s school celebration
was today. We wrote two terrific birthday books and enjoyed birthday treats both
days. Happy early birthdays, Scott and Tiffany!

Super P.E. Volunteer
On Monday Tim came for a lively P.E. session. We drew hopscotch grids with chalk
(some were creative new grids with complicated patterns) and teamed up to play
them. We also played favorite group games.
Thank you, Tim!
Lovely Ladybug Art
On Tuesday Sue brought a wonderful nature project for Art. We studied ladybugs,
identified their different parts, and sketched the shapes we saw. We then used heavy
paper to create amazing ladybug artwork.
Thank you, Sue!
Fantastic Field Work Walk II
We were excited to return to the field this week for our second Field Work session.
We observed our special areas and took notes on new growth and changes in water
levels. Using field guides, we identified trees, plants, and insect life. We even spotted
several ladybugs on our way back!
Science Experiment Preparations
This week we finalized our Science Experiment choices and determined a question
we would answer after conducting the experiment. We wrote a hypothesis, created a
materials list, and outlined the steps for our experiments. These will run for 15
school days, beginning next Monday, May 1!

Pet Day Sign-Up Sheets
We are planning to hold Pet Day on Wednesday, May 10! We are sending home sign-
up sheets to plan our special day. We plan to assign time slots for each pet or photo
pet sharing during Pet Day. Please return your sign-up sheet between
Monday, May
1 and Thursday, May 4!    

Home Connection: Science Experiment Materials
Our Science Experiments will begin on Monday, May 1! Please make sure your
student brings to school on Monday the materials he or she needs to set up and
conduct Day 1 of the experiment. Science experiments will run for 15 school days, so
additional materials may be sent to school over the next three weeks as needed.
Thank you!

Dates to Remember                 
Monday, May 1: May Day; Science Experiments begin! Materials due Monday
Monday, May 1- Thursday, May 4: Pet Day forms due
Friday, May 5:
free sharing
Monday, May 8: LifeCare Center visit
Wednesday, May 10: Pet Day!

We hope our families have a sunshine-filled weekend!
Mrs. D and Mrs. K