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Memories From Our Spectacular School Years:

Congratulations to our amazing 2014 Graduates:
Danica Islam, Jersie Angel, and Caeden O'Prussack!
We wish you all the best, and we're very proud of you. ❤


Congratulations to John for winning the
National Scholastic Create-A-Holiday Contest!
Thank you to the Burke Museum and Felicitations
for making Dinosaur Day an amazing success!

* Photo Credits: The incredible Dylan and AnnaMaria from the
Burke Museum! *


We enjoy wonderful, sunny maypole dances as part of our
annual Stillpoint School May Day celebrations!

Awesome Arbor Days!!

We love to celebrate with our annual Stillpoint tradition:
planting native trees on our playground!


Thank You, SJI Daughters of the American Revolution!
Congratulations to 6th Graders Jersie and Danica,
who received Certificates from the DAR
for participating in the American Revolution Essay Contest!


Stillpoint School Wins
"Most Dramatic Display"
in the Chamber of Commerce's Winter Decorating Contest!


Stillpoint School "Shakes Out!"

We proudly participate in the world's largest earthquake preparation drill every October.

State Approval Renewed!!!

Stillpoint School is pleased to announce that we have received Washington State approval to
enroll students from kindergarten through sixth grade for the 2016-2017 school year.  
Stillpoint School is the only State approved private elementary school on San Juan Island,
and has been so for the past nine years.

To receive State approval, a school must meet state standards concerning curriculum,
teacher certification, health and safety conditions, and other requirements to demonstrate
our ability to provide a quality education for our students.   Applications for State approval
are reviewed by the Washington State Board of Education, which has issued Stillpoint
School a Certificate of Private School Approval for "having met all the conditions specified"
in State law for private schools.

Students who are not home schooled are required by State law to be enrolled in a public
school or a State approved private school. For more information about a Stillpoint education,
please call the school at 360-378-2331 (during the summer months, when the school is not in
session, messages are checked regularly) or email

Stillpoint School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit school.  Donations to the school or to the
Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund are fully tax deductible.

Stillpoint School is very proud to be the island's only state approved private K-6 school.
We are proudly listed on the following websites and publications:

Education Bug

OSPI Approved Private Schools
Stillpoint School
Stillpoint News!
           Stillpoint Newsletter!   
                                                                                                                      May 5, 2017
Dear Families,        

Happy May! We had a wonderful week with Days 1-5 of our Science experiments,

a super May Day birthday, and our first outdoor Book Buzz in the sunshine
on Thursday!

May Day
On Monday we held our traditional maypole celebration, although the weather
delayed our actual maypole event until near the end of the day. We enjoyed weaving
the ribbons despite the drizzling weather that greeted May!

Happy Birthday, Auden!
On May Day we celebrated Auden’s 10th birthday! Our birthday writing was full of
great affirmations, and we enjoyed a terrific birthday treat after our maypole dance.
Happy double-digit May Day birthday, Auden!

Pet Day Next Wednesday!
We’re excited for our May 10th Pet Day! Time slots are being sent home with this
newsletter for live pet guests.

‼ Road Work Ahead ‼
Construction is moving steadily toward our stretch of Park Street. The time line for
the project identifies our area as Work Zone 5, with work scheduled for May 11 to
May 19. The project manager hopes to limit disruptions, but please be prepared for
long delays (beyond the construction-related delays parents are already
Weekly Field Work Walk
Our third Field Work Walk was full of new discoveries. Many plants are
experiencing explosive growth with the Spring showers and sunshine we’ve had
lately! We made crayon rubbings in the field of interesting plant life and continued
to identify trees, plants, and insects in our areas.

Money Math
This week we used special money dice and brand-new sets of teaching money
generously donated to our school by a former educator. We practiced adding and
subtracting coins and paper money, trading in for the most efficient combinations,
and trying to reach values such as $1 exactly. It was a terrific hands-on week of
Math practice!

Last Scholastic Book Order This Year
We are sending home May Scholastic book order flyers with this newsletter. The May
order will be our last Scholastic order for this school year! Book orders may be
placed online or sent to school with payment, and are due on or before Friday, May
12. We appreciate your support!

Home Connection: Science Experiments
We completed the first five days of our Science experiments this week! Our
experiments are growing, fizzing, changing colors, whooshing, and exploding. We
encourage families to ask their students about the progress of the experiments! If any
materials are needed for Week 2 (Days 6-10), please send them to school on Monday,
May 8. Thank you!
Dates to Remember                 
Monday, May 8: LifeCare Center visit
Wednesday, May 10: Pet Day!
Friday, May 12: Scholastic Book Orders due;
 Theme sharing ~ Mother’s Day
Friday, May 19: French Day! Theme sharing ~ French

We hope our families have a marvelous first May weekend!
Mrs. D and Mrs. K