Stillpoint School
Scholarships and Financial Aid

Stillpoint School is honored by the establishment of the Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund.
This fund honors Sally W. Bryan, a lifetime educator whose passion for teaching and
learning has made a lasting impact on the world. Sally W. Bryan was actively involved in
education throughout her life, as a teacher, a school board member, a counselor, and a
parent of four. She dedicated countless hours to education and was committed to the
importance of every child receiving a high-quality education in the early educational

Stillpoint School offers scholarships and financial aid from the Sally W. Bryan
Scholarship Fund to continue Sally W. Bryan's educational legacy. For more information
about receiving a scholarship, please
Schedule a School Tour!

Scholarships are awarded on a Financial Need basis, with a focus on additional factors
such as:

Passion for Learning
Academic Achievement
Intellectual Curiosity
Supportive, Involved Family Members

Stillpoint School is actively seeking donors who share the importance of a high-quality
experience in the formative elementary school years.
To donate, please click this link:

                                       Donations may be mailed to:

                                        Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund
                                  P.O. Box 576
                                  Friday Harbor, WA  98250

       All donations are tax deductible, and all proceeds directly benefit island students.
Sally W. Bryan Scholarship Fund